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Halloween With Dogs

October 15, 2020

Halloween is coming up quick. As stores fill with pumpkin-flavored everything, this is a good time to talk about specific hazards the autumn holiday presents for our furry friends. Here, a Helotes, TX vet offers some tips on spending Halloween with your canine companion. 


We know, Man’s Best Friend makes a pretty adorable dinosaur. He’s also a cute pirate, cheeseburger, or spider. If you want to dress your pet up, be sure to put his health and safety first. Don’t put your canine pal in anything that is tight, hot, itchy, or constricting. Flammable items should also be avoided, along with anything that has zippers or small parts your pooch may try to eat. Last but not least, let your dog have a say in his outfit. Don’t force him to dress up if it makes him uncomfortable. 


Halloween typically brings an increase in traffic. Keep your canine buddy on a close leash when walking him. If you have a yard, bring him in before dark, and limit his outdoor time around the autumn holiday. Your pooch could get agitated by people in costumes. Someone could also feed your pet something that isn’t safe for him. 


If you want to give your pooch a seasonal treat, buy or make him some pumpkin-flavored dog snacks. Don’t let your pet have any candies. Many sweets contain things like chocolate, raisins, and xylitol, which are toxic to dogs.


If you’re allowing trick or treaters over, keep an eye on your furry pal. Pups takes their door doggy duties very seriously! Your pet could get a bit worked up by all the commotion. If your pooch seems to be getting too excited, put him in a quiet back room with bedding, toys, and treats. Turn a radio on to mask the noise.


Man’s Best Friend is very playful and curious. He also has a very healthy appetite, and will eat, well, pretty much anything. Keep this in mind when setting out decorations. Anything small or sharp is a hazard, as are items with batteries, ropes, or cords. Objects covered in varnish, paint, glitter, or dye are also unsafe. You’ll want to be careful with candles and potpourri burners as well. 

Happy Halloween! Please contact us with any questions or concerns about your dog’s health or care. As your Helotes, TX pet clinic, we’re here to help! 

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