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6 Reasons to Be Thankful for Pets

November 01, 2020

Thanksgiving is coming up quick! While food may take center stage at many gatherings, it’s also important to remember the reason for the holiday: gratitude. Pets are definitely something to be thankful for. A Helotes, TX vet lists some reasons why in this article. 


Our animal companions provide us with unconditional love. The importance and benefits of that just cannot be understated! There’s something truly special about the bond people form with their furry friends.


Pets are very affectionate, which is truly something to be thankful for. Many people have found comfort in cats’ soothing purrs or dogs’ loving snuggles. In a year like this, that’s definitely not something to take for granted. 


One of the best things about pets is the fact that they are, well, hilarious. Our feline pals are full of odd and amusing quirks, such as their obsession with boxes, their curious relationship with catnip, and their ability to sleep in positions usually associated with knots. Dogs are also adorable, especially when they’re being playful, goofy, or confused … or sometimes, all three. Our animal companions provide us with ongoing, endless comedy relief. That’s good for our hearts and souls!


Animals are extremely devoted and loyal to their humans. Your furry pal will stay with you no matter what curve balls life tosses at you, offering support, friendship, and cuddles. Your beloved pet just doesn’t care about your job title or your bank account: they just want to be with you.

Health Benefits 

Did you know that pets are good for our health? Cats’ purrs can help calm and comfort people, which is very beneficial for anyone coping with grief, depression, anxiety, stress, and/or trauma. Our canine companions also help keep their humans fit and healthy. There are benefits for children as well: some studies suggest that kids who grow up with pets have stronger immune systems than those who don’t.


Speaking of kids, pets are also great for children! If you love animals, you likely remember a special pet that you bonded with as a child. Pets teach little ones about friendship, kindness, and sympathy, and help soothe them on bad days. They also make great playmates and cuddle buddies!

Happy Thanksgiving! We wish all of you a happy, healthy, and safe holiday. Please contact us, your Helotes, TX veterinary clinic, anytime.