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Adopting a Shelter Dog: Month 1

October 01, 2020

October is Adopt A Shelter Dog Month! There’s no bad time to give a lucky pooch a new home. However, due to the coronavirus endemic, this year has offered many people a great opportunity for people to adopt new pets. If you’re adopting a shelter dog, you definitely have our support! Read on for some tips from a Helotes, TX veterinarian on helping your canine buddy settle in. 

A Safe Space

Make your home safe and comfortable for your pooch. Provide your pup with comfy beds and lots of toys, and make sure he is getting enough exercise and stimulation. 


Does your dog need to work on his petiquette? Start your pup’s classes immediately. If your pooch just needs a bit of brushing up, you may be able to do this yourself. If your furry pal has behavioral issues, then it’s best to seek professional help. Don’t punish your pet for mishaps: focus on rewarding good behavior. 


Dogs really thrive from being on a set schedule. Get your pet started out on his daily doggy routine for walks, meals, and playtime as soon as possible. 


Never underestimate a dog’s ability to get into mischief. Remove or secure anything you don’t want your pup playing with. This includes things like small or sharp objects, toxic plants, wires and cords, and plastic bags. 

Meet The Doctor 

One of the first things on your agenda should be to introduce your canine friend to his new veterinarian. Most shelter dogs have already been fixed, but if this hasn’t happened yet, you’ll want to get that appointment scheduled. Your furry pal will also need a nose-to-tail exam, as well as parasite control and vaccinations. Don’t be shy about asking for specific care tips!

Tail Wags

Dogs are all unique, and they all have their own personalities. Some will immediately decide that you’re the best thing under the sun, and will be very loving and affectionate from Day One. Others will be more timid, and will need to warm up to you. Don’t force attention on Fido, especially if he seems wary. Let time, patience, and great TLC work their magic. It’s a beautiful thing to see a dog blossom and thrive with love!

Please contact us, your Helotes, TX vet clinic, with any questions or concerns about your dog’s health or care. We’re here to help! 

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