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Our Careteam

Veterinary Technician
Since 2010, Ashley has dedicated herself to caring for the patients of Pipe Creek Animal Clinic. She loves getting to know each pet’s different personalities, catering to their unique needs, and making each experience at the clinic as stress-free as possible. She grew up in San Angelo, TX and after spending time in the Texas Army National Guard as a mechanic, she decided to pursue her passion of helping pets and their owners as a veterinary technician. She enjoys the dynamic atmosphere of veterinary medicine, each day bringing unexpected challenges and experiences that allow her to further develop her skills and renew her love for her job. After a fulfilling week at work, she enjoys reading books that allow her to explore alternate realities, spending time outdoors with her daughter Jessie, binge watching Netflix or volunteering with the Medina Lake Fire Department.
Client Service Representative
Kim has been the friendly voice you hear answering the phones at Pipe Creek Animal Clinic for the last 10 years. Kim grew up in Milwaukee, WI and even though she has lived in Pipe Creek for the last 18 years, you can still occasionally hear her Wisconsin accent slip out. According to Kim, nothing beats a puppy kiss or head butt from a cat wanting some love. When she can slip away from the desk and ringing phone, you can find her in the treatment area loving on the animals under our care.

Working for the clinic for a decade, she says the clients are more like family than customers and helping their babies makes her job with Pipe Creek Animal Clinic fulfilling. Her and her husband Bruce have a full house with 2 dogs, 2 cats, 4 horses and 7 birds. Nigel, a cockatoo who came to Kim after his owner passed away, visits the clinic occasionally and entertains the lobby with his antics and squawks. When not at home with her critters or taking exceptional care of our clients, Kim enjoys visiting the marine animals at Sea World or lounging by the pool.
Front Desk Manager
Personal Motto: “This too shall pass”

Since 2017, Sara has taken care of the clients and patients that visit Pipe Creek Animal clinic as our head Client Service Representative and Front Desk Manager. Sara is a native of Pipe Creek, TX and still lives on her family ranch, where she raises goats and cattle with her husband and best friend Paul. Sara graduated from Bandera High School, attended Northwest Vista earning her Associates degree in Applied Science and continuing her education at Schriener University in Kerrville completing her Bachelor of Science in Biology. She intended to continue on to veterinary school, but life had other plans. She is supremely talented at putting our clients at ease and helping to ensure that their needs are met, always having a personal anecdote to comfort clients and solicit a smile, usually when it is needed the most. You would never know that she was extremely shy in her younger years, because nowadays, she will share a laugh with everyone who visits Pipe Creek Animal Clinic. Even though she has 4 Catahoulas, 1 cat, 1 horse, goats and cattle, her favorite animal is the cheeky racoon! She works hard every day at Pipe Creek Animal Clinic caring for our clients and patients and then goes home to care for her critters, enjoying her ranch, and relaxing with her family and friends. She is a talented cook and strives each day to remain inspired and leave her footprints on this earth. I know that many of our clients and patients can vouch that she makes a lasting positive impression on those people who cross her path. We are lucky to have her represent our clinic!
Veterinary Technician, Kennel Manager
Personal Motto: “Try to do things right the first time.”

Mary has a knack for remembering our patients like no one else. Having worked for Pipe Creek Animal Clinic for over 15 years, she has seen many of our client’s pets go from puppy hood to seniors and every stage in between. She worked for many years and lived in many places with the Air Force as a military police officer, putting her Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice to good use. Next time you see her, ask her about living in England and Panama, she has some great stories to share! She takes great pride in her job with Pipe Creek Animal Clinic and excels at adding that personal touch to each appointment, welcoming each client and patient with a smile and warm greeting. She ensures each pet’s stay with us is comfortable, whether they are in the hospital for treatment or boarded while away from their families. Each day at the clinic gives her the opportunity to meet new clients and their pets and celebrate their uniqueness. On her off time, she visits her 96-year-old mother and sisters who live nearby, or exercises her green thumb working in her yard and around the house. Mary has acquired many rescue dogs and cats over the years, providing each and every one of them the forever loving home they deserve. Her favorite animal though is the regal eagle.
Client Service Representative
Mandy is the newest addition to Pipe Creek Animal Clinic’s warm and welcoming front desk staff joining the clinic in 2019. Mandy shows up early and eager to help our client’s get the exceptional care and service they deserve. Mandy recently moved to Pipe Creek from Corpus Christi and became familiar with our clinic as a client bringing in her many wayward rescue dogs she and her family fosters and cares for until they can find permanent homes. When she had the opportunity to sit on the other side of the desk and become part of our Pipe Creek Animal Clinic family, she jumped at the chance! When you call the clinic to make your appointment and Mandy answers the phone, you will be sure to smile when she shares her infectious joy and engaging personality.
Veterinary Technician
Faith works as a vet tech for our clinic on the weekends when she takes a break from her full-time job at Hill Country Animal League in Boerne. She started with the PCAC team while she was completing her veterinary technician training and certification and was looking to practice her skills and further her training. She is still currently enrolled in school at Penn Foster. She is an avid learner and eager to help wherever is needed. Faith is quickly becoming a very skilled technician and greatly contributes to our team with her kind heart and gentle nature. In her spare time, she enjoys hanging with her own dogs, reading, and playing video games.
Facility Maintenance
Jerry has been putting the clinic’s best foot forward keeping our outdoor areas well-groomed and manicured over the past year or so. He tends to the grounds, barn and overall facility upkeep and we love him dearly!! Jerry is always smiling and happy to help in whatever capacity we need. He brings so much joy and kindness to our clinic and takes such pride in keeping it beautiful. He enjoys contributing to his community in various ways through his church and meals on wheels. We would not be the warm, welcoming clinic we are proud to be without his help.

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