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Playing Fetch With Your Dog

October 15, 2022

Today is a pretty popular day among our canine buddies: it’s National Fetch Day! Fetch would definitely rank at or near the top of the list of our canine companions’ favorite games. It’s a great way for your cute pet to get some exercise in, and just spend some time with his best friend (you). A local Helotes, TX vet offers some tips on playing Fetch in this article.


Fetch comes pretty naturally to some pups. For instance, Retrievers are usually naturals, as they were bred to ‘fetch’ game for their humans. Start by tossing your pooch a toy. Your four-legged friend will likely run after it and grab it. Call him to you! The next step is to start working on the Drop It command. When your pet drops his toy, give him a treat. Then, pick up the toy and start over.

Location, Location, Location

Do you want to teach your pooch to play Fetch? Start in a smaller area, such as a fenced yard. You can even play indoors, though you’d of course want to pick a spot where your pup has enough room to run and turn easily. avoid areas that have a lot of dangerous or breakable objects. Once you get the hang of it, you can move things to a larger space, like a park.


Man’s Best Friend enjoys fetching all sorts of things. Balls are a popular option. If you use tennis balls, be sure to get ones that are the right size for your pet. Otherwise, they can be a choking hazard. You can also play with sticks or other toys. Stuffed animals will work, but you’ll need ones that are hardy enough to hold up to some rough play. Just don’t use anything your canine buddy could choke on, such as toys with small parts.

No Go

Does your four-legged friend just watch you throw things, and then tilt his head as though wondering what you’re doing? Not all of our canine buddies enjoy playing Fetch. If your pooch isn’t into it, there’s no point in forcing it. Some dogs just don’t have that Fetch gene. There are other fun (and adorable) ways to entertain him. Try teaching him some cute tricks, like Speak or Roll Over. 

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