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Celebrating Cattober: Homemade Gifts For Fluffy

October 01, 2022

Did you know that October 9th is Cattober? If you hadn’t heard of Cattober, well, it’s a pretty big deal for our feline friends. This special day has been chosen as the somewhat-official birthday for any kitty whose exact DOB isn’t known. While you don’t need a special occasion to spoil your cat, this definitely is a purrfect one. A Helotes, TX vet lists some ways to pamper your cat in this article.

Cat Tower

Did you know that you can easily turn an old stepladder into a cat tower? First, add smooth planks to the steps to widen them out. Then, wrap the whole thing in carpet or sisal rope. You can also do this with a metal storage rack or a bookshelf. Or, if you’re ready to tackle a bigger project, start from scratch using lumber, PVC pipe, or even real branches. 

Window Seat

Kitties are much safer staying in, but they do enjoy having spots where they can look out windows and spy on the neighborhood birds and squirrels. The easiest option is to just add a wide plank to the windowsill to widen it out. Then, attach a bed or basket using Velcro or double-sided tape.

Kitty Yard

Use a clean old litterbox or plastic storage bin for a planter. Add soil and cat grass seeds, and put it in the sun. Before long, your feline buddy will have her own piece of lawn!

Catnip Mice

Although there are now lots of modern kitty toys, our feline overlords haven’t yet gotten tired of pouncing on catnip mice. All you need to do is make a mouse outline and then trace it onto two pieces of fabric. Then, sew them together, with the outsides facing in. Leave just a small hole, which you’ll use to pull the material through. Stuff with catnip and close it up. Done!


There’s no end to the things you can make beds out of. Hardshell suitcases, hat boxes, wooden crates, and even old analog TV sets are just a few ideas. Add paint, varnish, stencil or stickers to make it look nice.

Box Castles

Kitties certainly love being pampered. You can make Her Furry Majesty her very own box castle. This is a great project for kids!

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