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Keeping Your Pet Safe From Ticks

March 15, 2020

Texas is an amazing state. However, there are a few downsides to living in the Lone Star State … such as the fact that ticks and fleas are nuisances all year long. Ticks are becoming extremely problematic, as their numbers have grown exponentially in recent years. A Helotes, TX vet offers tips on keeping your pet safe from these parasites below.

Parasite Control

First and foremost, you’ll need to keep up with your pet’s parasite control products. There are many different types available, such as topical drops, sprays, collars, and shampoos. Ask your vet for specific recommendations. Just don’t double up on these products, as that may expose your pet to unsafe levels of pesticides.


Keeping up with your landscaping can also be very helpful. Ticks often hide in tall grasses, so even mowing your lawn regularly will help. We also recommend keeping hedges trimmed, so they don’t touch your house, and removing any debris, such as dead branches. Keep woodpiles neatly stacked. Also, make sure your property isn’t attractive to wild animals that may carry ticks. Pick up fallen produce right away. If you have a large lot, you may want to fence it in. Putting a three-foot gravel path around your property may also help. Ticks often turn back from open ‘roads,’ as they don’t like being exposed to sunlight.

Tick Checks

Get into the habit of checking your pet daily. This doesn’t need to be a chore: it’s something you can easily incorporate into cuddle time. Look between those furry toes, around your pet’s ears, and under their collar. You’ll also need to check yourself over, especially after spending time in fields or wooded areas.

Finding A Tick

If you do find a tick, don’t panic. Just remove it with tweezers or a tick popper. Be sure to get the whole thing! When you pull it out, don’t twist it. This often causes the tick to break into pieces. Once the beast is out, clean the spot with antiseptic, and then give your furry patient a treat. You may want to take a picture of the tick before disposing of it. That way, if your pet does show any signs of illness, it will be easier to identify.

Do you need to get your pet started on parasite control? Please reach out to us, your Helotes, TX vet clinic, anytime.