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If Pets Had Thumbs Day

March 01, 2020

There’s a pretty fun pet holiday coming up. If Pets Had Thumbs Day is March 3rd! What do you think your pet would do if they suddenly grew opposable thumbs? We suspect that many of our furry patients would wreak some havoc. A Helotes, TX vet makes a few petucated guesses in this article.

Raid The Fridge

One of the first things your pets would probably do would be to raid the fridge. Dogs would happily sample everything you have, and then sleep for the rest of the day. Your cat would probably rearrange everything, take the lids off your leftovers, and hide the dog food.


Given the chance to order things online, your four-legged friend would probably go a little crazy. Your dog may order steaks, treats, and toys. As for our feline buddies, well, they would probably want cat furniture, catnip, tuna, and soft beds. Then again, some kitties would probably order something completely random, like baseball cards, sneakers, or chess sets.

Back Scratcher

Pets often go to their owners when they want help reaching a stubborn itch. Your dog would happily sample anything that looks like a back scratcher!

Ransack The House

Pets are very curious. We suspect that both dogs and cats would want to go through your boxes and drawers, just to see what’s in there. You’d probably come home to a bit of a mess!

Video Games

If pets had thumbs, they may very well decide to try their paws at playing video games. Pups may go for fast-paced games, like Grand Theft Auto, while cats may prefer simpler classics, like Duck Hunt or Pitfall.


Fishing may be of interest to both dogs and cats. Your canine pal would be happy to explore local spots. Kitties, on the other hand, may just order live fish from the internet.

Key Snag

We all know that most dogs love car rides. Your pup may very well snatch your keys and go for a joy ride. Or, he may put his thumb to use by hitchhiking somewhere. Your feline friend would be more likely to just drop your keys in a pond and then lock her canine roommate out of the house.

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