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Keeping Horses Cool 

Keeping Horses Cool 

August 01, 2022
Big horse and little horse snuggling

It’s official: that sweltering Texas heat is at full blast. Summer can be both uncomfortable and dangerous for horses. You’ll need to take some steps to keep your hooved buddy cool as temperatures soar. Read on as a local Helotes, TX vet offers some advice on keeping your horse cool.  Turnout Time Horses really need time out of their stalls. It’s good for Silver both physically and mentally to be able to graze and move … Read More »

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Summer Care for Horses

June 01, 2020

Texas summers are no joke! The heat can be hard on both people and horses. Read on for some great tips on summer horse care from a local Helotes, TX veterinarian. Turnout Schedule Making sure your horse gets enough turnout time is very important. Horses really aren’t made to just stand around in their stalls all day! In summer, put him out in the mornings or evenings if you can. Or, better yet, turn him … Read More »