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Things Many People Don’t Know Are Dangerous To Dogs

September 01, 2022

Our canine pals are very curious, and they also have quite strong appetites. Those traits, combined, leave a lot of opportunities for Fido to get into mischief. And while many people are aware of more well-known dangers, some of the things that are dangerous to Man’s Best Friend can be quite surprising. A Helotes, TX vet lists a few of the biggest ones below.

Sago Palms

Sago palms are often at the top of most-poisonous plants lists, and with good reasons. The seed pods are highly toxic to Man’s Best Friend. Unfortunately, many pups like the tastes and textures. This is something to be very careful about when walking your furry bff. You may not notice Fido snapping up a seed pod beneath a neighbor’s tree until it’s too late!

Foxtail Grasses

Foxtail grasses aren’t toxic, so they won’t pop up on lists of poisonous plants. However, they are extremely dangerous to pups. The issue here is the seed awns. The awns have barbed tips, which are sharp enough to pierce skin. Unfortunately, they won’t work their way out, but will only go deeper and deeper. If not removed, they can cause infections or even punctuate internal organs. Fido is particularly at risk, because of his love for sniffing, well, everything.

Grapes, Currants, And Raisins

Grapes, currants and raisins are healthy for us, but they can be deadly to our canine friends. Though no one knows why, some dogs can go into organ failure after eating just one! Because it takes such a small amount, and because raisins and grapes are so droppable, you’ll need to be very careful with these little fruits.

Raw Dough

Raw dough is another thing many people wouldn’t expect to pose a threat. The issue here isn’t toxicity: it’s the fact that dough can expand in Fido’s digestive system, causing ruptures or blockages. This can be extremely painful and dangerous, and may require emergency surgery.


We’ve all seen those iconic images of dogs happily gnawing on bones. This is actually a dangerous misconception! Bones, when cooked, become very brittle, and can splinter off into razor-sharp shards. Those broken pieces are not only choking hazards, they can also perforate your pup’s stomach and intestines, or cause painful and dangerous blockages.

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