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Senior Cat Care

March 01, 2021

Did you know that cats become seniors as early as age nine? As your kitty ages, she’ll benefit from some extra love and attention. A Helotes, TX  veterinarian discusses senior cat care below. 


Fluffy will still have her occasional kitten moments, even as she grows older. Take a few minutes a day to play with your feline friend. This will help keep your cat in shape physically. It’s also good for her mind. Plus, it’s really cute to watch!


Just like people, cats sometimes develop vision and hearing problems in their golden years. Get a nightlight to help your kitty find her way around at night.


Your feline pal may become stiff and sore as she ages, and she may have trouble bending to clean her whole body. Brush her regularly to help get that dead fur out of her coat.

Veterinary Care

Older cats are susceptible to many different illnesses. Fluffy will benefit from more frequent veterinary visits. In between appointments, watch for signs of illness or injury. Call your vet right away if you notice anything amiss.


We always advise keeping cats inside, but this is extra important for kitties in their senior years. Fluffy won’t be fast or agile enough to escape potential hazards, such as stray or wild animals. She is also at greater risk of losing her way.


One thing that will make your cute pet’s life easier is a litterbox with low walls. Look for one that was made just for senior cats.


Believe it or not, your furry friend will manage to sleep even more than usual as she ages. Set out lots of comfy beds and napping spots for her.


It’s not uncommon for senior pets to become forgetful and confused. Fluffy may get ‘stuck’ in a corner, or forget where her litterbox is. These incidents can be quite distressing for cats, so you may notice your feline buddy meowing more. Just do what you can to comfort her.


One of the many special things about cats is the fact that they somehow manage to get cuter with age. Pay lots of attention to your furry buddy, and make sure she feels loved and safe. Purrs from older cats are truly precious!

Do you have questions about caring for an older kitty? Contact us, your local Helotes, TX veterinary hospital, today!