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8 Ways To Celebrate International Lazy Day With Your Pet

August 01, 2020

August 10th is an important, but uneventful day for our furry pals: it’s National Lazy Day! Many of our patients would be more than happy to celebrate this one … as long as they didn’t have to do very much! In this article, a Helotes, TX vet lists some things you and your furry friend can do to honor this (somewhat) special occasion.

Special Treat

You just can’t have a proper lazy day without some yummy food. Get something special for your four-legged buddy! Fido and Fluffy can both enjoy plain, cooked meat, fish, or chicken, without the skin, bones, or fat. Store-bought treats are also fine. Order or cook something good for yourself, too.

Spa Day

While giving your canine pal a bath may not sound very lazy, it’s one of those chores you can do on a relaxing day at home. Take Fido outside, and bathe him in a kiddie pool. Or, book him a trip to the salon! Fluffy will probably enjoy being brushed. Treat yourself a bit as well.


Many people like making things in their down time. There’s plenty of options here! A quick search online will reveal tons of DIY toys, bedding, and furniture options you can make your pet.


Our patients certainly take their beauty rest seriously. Enjoy an afternoon snooze with your furry best friend. Pets make great napping buddies!


Playing is great for pets, both mentally and physically. However, you don’t even have to get off the couch for this one. Get toys that you control, such as a remote-controlled mouse or a laser pointer. Your pet will do all the work while you relax.


At the end of the day, settle down with your four-legged pal, the afore-mentioned treats, and a great pet-themed movie. There are certainly plenty to choose from!

Photo Session

Snap some pictures of your pet being their lazy, lovable self. Experiment with different apps and affects, and share your favorites on social media.

Online Shopping

Browsing online retailers is a great way to spend a little time on a down day. Why not get your pet something special? Maybe Fido could use a new bed. Fluffy may appreciate a cat tower or scratching post.

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