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Keeping Flies Out of Your Barn

July 01, 2020

There are many reasons to love Texas’ warm climate. However, for those of us who work in farms or barns, there’s also a downside: flies, all year long. Here, a local Helotes, TX vet offers some advice on keeping these unwanted guests out of your barn.

Commercial Products

First and foremost, we have the go-to for stable fly control: the humble fly strip. These may not be the most attractive option, but they definitely help. Just remember to replace them regularly.


If you want a more modern option, look into a timed-release sprayer. Just do plenty of research, and check with your vet. Some of these products can be irritating to people and/or animals with allergies.


Another simple but effective solution? Screen doors! Install them wherever it’s feasible, especially in feed rooms and break rooms.

No Standing Water

Rain tends to collect in things like buckets, wheelbarrows, and plant pots. Dump out standing water right away. Otherwise, they’ll become nurseries for all sorts of unwanted pests, like flies and mosquitos.


Empty feedbags are another issue. They often have sweet residue from things like molasses, which makes them extremely appealing to pests. Discard of these immediately.

Good Drainage

Is there a lot of standing water in your stable, perhaps near hoses or water troughs? Poor drainage can also be a contributing factor. You may need to look at ways to improve your drainage.


Did you know that spraying manure piles and stable walls with apple cider vinegar can help? Give it a try!

Sealed Containers

Always store feed in sealed containers. You’ll also want to use garbage cans with lids that close tightly. Even something as simple as a burger wrapper left out can attract flies!


Putting fans in your barn will not only help ensure proper ventilation, it will also deter flies. Bugs don’t do very well against strong air currents! Just make sure that the fans are mounted properly, with the wires out of reach.


Manure piles are one of the main sources of fly infestations. Remember to clean paddocks, pastures, and outdoor arenas regularly. We also recommend keeping manure piles away from the barn, and having it hauled off at least every other week.

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