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Protecting Your Dog From Rattlesnakes

May 01, 2020

Here in Texas, we share our picturesque land with a variety of fascinating and beautiful wildlife. We also share the Lone Star State with a few critters that aren’t particularly friendly, such as rattlesnakes. Dogs can get into serious trouble if they encounter a rattlesnake. A Helotes, TX veterinarian offers some tips on protecting your pet from rattlesnakes below.


First and foremost, make sure that your canine pal obeys basic obedience commands, like Sit, Stay, and Come. This is absolutely crucial! If you do meet a snake, you want to be able to keep your pooch from lunging at it.

Chance Encounters

What happens if you are walking your dog, and you see a snake or hear that telltale rattle? Stop where you are, and, if possible, locate the snake. Then, back away slowly. If you don’t see it, go back the way you came, paying close attention to the ground.


We all know that dogs love to explore new places. Keep your four-legged pal away from any place that looks like it could be a potential snake hideout. This includes things like piles of branches, rotten logs, brush, and cracks and crevasses.


Putting a four-foot fence around your property will repel many snakes. (Note: don’t use chain link, as snakes can just go through it.) You may also want to use cloth or screens to cover drainage holes or culvert pipes. Speaking of holes, be sure to fill in empty spaces beneath sheds and garages.


Always take a flashlight along when walking your dog at night. You may want to get a leash that has one built into the handle. Make sure you pay attention to where both you and your pooch are stepping!

Garden Cleanup

Do you have a garden or fruit trees? Be sure to pick up fallen produce right away. Otherwise, it may attract things that snakes consider lunch, like mice.


There are rattlesnake vaccinations available. However, they won’t protect your dog against every type of poisonous snake out there. Your pup will also need regular boosters. That said, if your canine companion is often in areas where snakes are present, he may benefit from being vaccinated. Ask your vet for more information. 

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