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Tips for Playing With Your Cat

October 15, 2019

Did you know that playing is very beneficial for cats? Pouncing on toys is of course lots of fun for our feline pals. However, a vigorous play session will not only give your pet a good kitty workout, it’s also great for her mind! Read on for some tips from a local Helotes, TX vet on playing with your cat.

Use Toys You Control

Your kitty should have a variety of toys, including some that she can use by herself, such as catnip mice. However, when you play with your furry buddy, choose playthings that you control. Laser pointers, wand toys, and remote-controlled mice are all good options. This will make playtime more challenging—and therefore more fun—for your cat.

Make It Routine

Try to make kitty playtime a habit. Even just spending a few minutes a day holding a laser pointer or wad toy for your feline pal to pounce on will be beneficial. If possible, play with your cat at roughly the same time every day. This is a great way to unwind after a long day!

Let Kitty Win

If your cat never gets to ‘catch’ her prey, she may become discouraged and lose interest in playing. Let your furry friend ‘win’ regularly. This is a great way to help shy kitties to build confidence!

Rotate Toys

Cats sometimes get bored with their things, just like people do. Change your pet’s toys out regularly. This will help keep things fresh and fun for her.

Discourage Bad Petiquette

Does your kitty sometimes treat you like a toy? This is cute in kittens, but can be dangerous in adult cats. Those little claws and teeth are sharp! Don’t tease your cat by wiggling your fingers or toes at her. If your feline buddy does attack you, tell her ‘No’ in a disapproving tone, then walk away and ignore her for a while. You can also say something like ‘Put your claws away’ or play nice’. Just use the same phrasing each time.

Don’t Play Favorites

Do you have more than one cat? Are your pets fighting? Dual play sessions can reduce tension between kitties, by helping them form positive associations with one another. Just pay equal attention to both of your furry pals.

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